The No Doubt, Improbable Seahawks Win

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Improbable Moments in an Unbelievable NFC Championship Game:

First Half:
Wilson is one for eight for 14 yards, three interceptions and a 0.0 quarterback rating.

3rd Quarter, 7:00 to go.
3rd & 19
29 yards to Baldwin for a first down.
Sea 0 GB 16

3rd Quarter, 4:48 to go.
4th & 10
Fake Field Goal for a TD
Sea 7 GB 16

4th Quarter, 5:04 to go
Wilson to Kearse, tipped ball, interception
Sea 7 GB 19
Here’s where I doubted: I text a friend who is a GB fan, saying “Nice Game GB. I’ll root for them in the SB :)” He told me to shut up, that the game wasn’t over, that I might jinx it. I doubted.

4th Quater, 3:52 to go
Seattle gets ball back on the Seattle 31.
1 timeout left
Sea 7 GB 19

4th Quarter, 2:09 to go
Wilson runs for a TD.
Sea 14 GB 19

4th Quarter, 2:09 to go
Onside kick recovered
Sea 14 GB 19

4th Quarter, 1:37 to go
Lynch 24 yd td run
Sea 20 GB 19

4th Quarter, 1:25 to go
Wilson scrambles & throws a desperation lob caught by Luke Wilson for 2 pt. conversion
Sea 22 GB 19

4th Quarter, :19 to go
Greenbay kicks 48 yard field goal to tie
Sea 22 GB 22

GB calls tails, coin toss is heads
Seattle gets the ball first

Overtime, 14:51 to go
Seattle starts on their 13
Must go 87 yards to win the game.

Seattle goes 87 yards in 6 plays
2 pass plays, both 35 yards, back to back. 35 yards was the longest play for either team the entire game, and Seattle put two of them back to back.
Sea 28 GB 22

Game over.