If She’d JUST Been a Better Candidate!

Topic: Clinton was a Wall Street SHILL! Shilary!

wall-street-sign-picLet’s look at facts (remember those?)
Campaign money raised from Wall Street:
2016: Clinton $9,125,670
2012: Romney $23,783,132 ($24,972,288 adjusted for inflation) Romney set a new record.
2008: Obama: $17,387,972 ($19,300,648 adjusted for inflation) At the time, Obama set the record.
Why did Clinton receive so much scrutiny over something that men have done routinely, and done to much greater levels?
Hmmm…if she’d JUST been a better candidate!
(There’s just *something* about her!)
Inflation adjustments: http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl?cost1=10%2C000%2C000.00&year1=2012&year2=2016
  • Timothy

    And btw…add up all the Wall Street Campaign Money taken by both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in their FOUR presidential races (92, 96, 08, 16) and it equals $20,423,13. Add up Obama’s races (only TWO) and it adds up to $26,798,716. (and yes, all these numbers are adjusted for inflation).

  • Timothy

    The additional irony is that you’d EXPECT Hillary Clinton to have taken the most campaign money from Wall Street. She was the Senator OVER WALL STREET. Her home constituency employs more Wall Streeters than any Senate district in the Nation.