Hey Democrats. Stop apologizing.

nextgov-mediumHillary shouldn’t have apologized for the server; what did the apology bring her? Did her Left or Right opponents let it go? No. Did the FBI play by the rules? No. And frankly, she did nothing wrong. It was ALL political, and we played right into it.

We need to stop apologizing for the so-called corrupt DNC. The DNC is not corrupt, and we should stop playing into the shaming. Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down cause the Bernie nuts to NOT disrupt the Convention? No.

Donna Brazille got a tiny tidbit about a Debate. She shared it with her Candidate. So F’ing what! Do you think Trump or Stein or Sanders would have done differently? Brazille should have said “I’m fighting for my candidate.”

HRC treated Bernie with kid gloves the entire campaign. Did that pay off? No. He still ran a dishonest campaign (he lied) about “rigging” and “corruption.” The silver haired guy who was purported to be Mr. Pure lied his way through the primary, and we apologized for winning.
The Dems bent over backwards to appease the primary LOSER. He lost, and we gave him seats on the Democratic Platform, wherein we let nuts like Cornel West compromise the trajectory of the campaign. Did passing the most progressive platform in the history of the Country bring the Stein nuts on board? No.
It’s as though Obama apologized for nominating a Supreme Court Justice, and sat down and said nothing.
Had Comey done what he did on the watch of a Republican President, he’d be on his ass right now. But no, we’re taking the so-called higher road. Nonsense. Fire him.
I’m done playing this mea culpa game. And the Dems should be too. We are at war. We are taking shots from both the Left and the Right, and neither play fair. We need to wake up and fight.