The Fake Theory of Neoliberalism

I don’t believe that “Neoliberalism” is an actual economic theory in Democratic politics.

Leftists and Socialists LOVE to cast a conspiratorial taint over Democratic politicians with this bogeyman.

Rather, the simple act of pulling back on a Country firmly entrenched in supply-side, trickle-down economics will simply, naturally, LOOK like a concerted effort at third or middle-way policies. The problem is that critics confuse Democratic compromise with a cohesive theory.

Democracy will ALWAYS look like middle-way politics. By its very definition. And criticizing Democrats who attempt to move the Country toward the Left because they aren’t trying to move the Country all the way Left is so counterproductive as to defy much actual reasoning; it ignores outcomes in favor of academic theory.

But it sounds good! Neoliberalism! Neocolonialism!

And thereby you make enemies of friends, and we all lose.