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What Do Donald Trump, The Sightline Institute, Sierra Club of Washington and Columbia River Keeper Have in Common?

They All Want You to Ignore Recent Studies on Climate Change… An important new study on Climate Change was released last week by multiple agencies of the Federal Government. The study concludes, again, that the world’s temperatures are rising and that human activity is a significant cause.  So, did President Donald Trump embrace the science? […]

It’s the Tribe, Stupid

Job Growth: Trump Counties v Clinton Counties Economists often labor under the mistaken idea that humans are economically rational. Nope. If so, this stunning chart would be much more predictive of how the Country votes.   From: CNN: Job Gains Aren’t from Trump Country

The Fake Theory of Neoliberalism

I don’t believe that “Neoliberalism” is an actual economic theory in Democratic politics. Leftists and Socialists LOVE to cast a conspiratorial taint over Democratic politicians with this bogeyman. Rather, the simple act of pulling back on a Country firmly entrenched in supply-side, trickle-down economics will simply, naturally, LOOK like a concerted effort at third or middle-way […]

If She’d JUST Been a Better Candidate!

Topic: Clinton was a Wall Street SHILL! Shilary! Let’s look at facts (remember those?) Campaign money raised from Wall Street: 2016: Clinton $9,125,670 2012: Romney $23,783,132 ($24,972,288 adjusted for inflation) Romney set a new record. 2008: Obama: $17,387,972 ($19,300,648 adjusted for inflation) At the time, Obama set the record. Why did Clinton receive so much […]

Hey Democrats. Stop apologizing.

Hillary shouldn’t have apologized for the server; what did the apology bring her? Did her Left or Right opponents let it go? No. Did the FBI play by the rules? No. And frankly, she did nothing wrong. It was ALL political, and we played right into it. We need to stop apologizing for the so-called […]

An Analytical Review of Lincoln Cannon’s “The New God Argument”

During my exit from Mormonism and for a few years after, I engaged in intensive discussion and study on the questions of God, Faith, Religion and Philosophy. One of the more influential thinkers I encountered in that journey is a man named Lincoln Cannon. Mr. Cannon remains committed to the LDS Church and Mormonism, and provided a […]

Guns Don’t Kill People, Statistics Do

The primary reason given for gun ownership is protection. That is one valid potential use for a gun. But that is not the only way that a gun can be used. Here are common uses for a gun: Protection Intentional self-harm Accidental self-harm Intentional other-harm Accidental other-harm On this list, protection is statistically the least likely. […]