Donald J. Trump Campaigns In Miami

An Open Letter to Conflicted Republicans…

Donald J. Trump Campaigns In MiamiDear Republican Friends…

I get that many of you are conflicted. I understand that you dislike the policies of the democratic party, and think that Hillary would take us down a path opposite where you think we should go. I’m being honest; I can sense the gut wrench of your decision, and don’t envy it.

If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, the dignity of the office would be forever tarnished. The dignity of the United States would be forever tarnished.

Trump is not a viable option to lead this country. He’s quite simply the worst candidate ever to be presented for the office. Most of you know this. I don’t need to recount the why’s of it. A GOP candidate who has been rejected by every past living GOP president, who has been called a con man by your last presidential nominee. You don’t have to take my word, just listen to members of your own party.

Let’s be honest…

Trump is not a republican. You can have no faith in what he says; you cannot rely on him to enact conservative policies. He’s simply all over the board. You know this.

Trump is not a moral man. I understand that many of you consider yourselves moral voters. There simply is no case to be made that Trump will bring any dignity to the office of President. You know he does not represent nor does he live your values.

Trump is a dangerous man. He’s impulsive. Can we really trust him on matters of foreign policy and heading the military?

It’s not enough to not vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump has to be defeated. That means someone else has to win. If you agree with me that Trump represents a dire threat to the Country, please use your vote not just to withhold by voting for a third-party candidate, but rather, use it to ensure that Trump loses. And that will require you to do what previously may have been unthinkable: Vote for Hillary Clinton.

We The People. We are still in this together.

  • richardlayman

    I think all that matters to Republicans is that the nominee/candidate for President is committed to lowering taxes on high income households. This is definitely the case for wealthy people like Kenneth Langone.

  • Timothy

    Sure, but as I point out in the letter, I’m don’t think Republicans can take Donald Trump’s word on anything.

  • richardlayman

    true. Except that there are some foundational elements in his worldview, that he is likely to remain faithful too, e.g., low taxes, screwing contractors, getting tax incentives and payments, screaming his name out loudly, etc. An attempt to lower taxes for the wealthy is probably the only thing that you can count on.

    P.S. do you have a way to subscribe to the blog. That’s usually a wordpress function, but I couldn’t figure it out here.

  • Timothy

    You may be right; the only caveat I’d say is that he loves being adored by the masses, not by his peers. He’s a street billionaire, so to speak. But who really knows how he’d govern.

    I’ve opened up registration for the site. I had it closed off for a while due to some malicious activity. I have better protection in place now.