Note To Self…if ever "on-the-lam"

If I’m ever a fugitive from justice, and if I ever use the alias of being an Amway Salesman, I better be ready to play the part. To wit…

In the recent bold escape from prison and life-on-the-lam orchestrated by married couple Jennifer Forsyth Hyatte and George Hyatte, their eventual capture was due a tip given by a cab driver in Columbus, Ohio, who, when asked what tipped him off, stated the following:

Wagers, 33, said he didn’t realize he had picked up the fugitives until he was alerted to TV reports later that evening.

He said his suspicions weren’t aroused by anything the couple said, except that they didn’t try to aggressively recruit him after telling him they were Amway salespeople.

“You know, Amway people are all about Amway, and when they didn’t — when they didn’t try any conversation further about it, that’s when I pretty much thought, well, they’re not with Amway,” Wagers said. — Source: CNN

In my list of “Job’s I’d hate to have” I’ll now add “Public Relations Executive” for Amway. 🙂