Honest Disagreement…

Honest disagreement, open to real discussion, can energize a relationship, even where there are stark differences. But that can only happen in the context of arguing for an open philosophy that recognizes difference as natural, fundamental (e.g. democratic pluralism). But when you argue for and from a position of closed philosophies, a position that doesn’t recognize the validity of difference (e.g. most religious belief, platonism), then disagreement is always destructive.

  • I agree, except with the claim about “most religious belief”. Certainly it’s true of much religious belief, but I’m not sure how best to quantify it. I’m also not sure that you distinguish sufficiently well between religious belief generally and religious fundamentalism specifically.

  • Timothy

    It’s not my intent to distinguish between religious belief generally and religious fundamentalism. As for quantifying it…more than 50% of the World’s population adheres to Abrahamic Religion, which is monotheist. The largest of these groups (Christianity, Islam) posit God as the source of all knowledge, and emphasize obedience to his will, negating the will of the individual. Even your own religion, Mormonism, overwhelmingly posits this (See: http://bit.ly/1aAlm8A). While I understand you believe to some degree in a different interpretation of the tenets of mormonism, I trust you’d agree that your views are not common within mormonism. But, ultimately, the point is not about numbers, but about a fundamental difference between open and closed philosophies.