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The Bible is the Original Fake News Site

The Bible is the original Fake News site.

An Analytical Review of The New God Argument

An Analytical Review of Lincoln Cannon’s “The New God Argument”

During my exit from Mormonism and for a few years after, I engaged in intensive discussion and study on the questions of God, Faith, Religion and Philosophy. One of the more influential thinkers I encountered in that journey is a man named Lincoln Cannon. Mr. Cannon remains committed to the LDS Church and Mormonism, and provided a […]

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Proposal for a Fair & Dynamic Market-based Economy

The following is consistent with the principles of capitalism. The economy must match the values of the community in which it resides. Those community values are defined in the Constitution both of the Federal Government and the State Government. The economy must also benefit the community as a whole; the existence of a stable market requires the […]

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A Primer on Capitalism in a World Gone Nuts…


The Kshama Sawant Problem…

Is it time to remove Democratic support for Socialist Sawant? In 2013, I supported Kshama Sawant in her race for Seattle City Council. I’m not a socialist, but I was convinced that she represented enough of our shared values that among the mix of nine city council members, she’d help create space for a more […]


On Bernie, Hillary, Purity and being in Community with We The People…

I grew up with an ideologically pure belief system. For years, good/evil were pure concepts for me. Defined by this belief system, I could categorize anyone very quickly, and place them on a neatly defined spectrum. That all came crashing down, as do many notions of purity, once the reality of the world beats us […]


Makers, Takers, and the Future of American Economics

Note: On September 6, 2016 I published a companion article to this titled “Proposal for a Fair & Dynamic Market-based Economy” We The People of the United States have come together with a defined set of six shared values: a more perfect union, justice, domestic tranquility, defense, welfare and liberty. (See Foundational Values: A More […]


How Much I Feel

As an overly romantic kid, I spent a good portion of my youth wearing bulbous headphones, analyzing the lyrical content of pop music. I once passed an entire family vacation listening to “Bennie and the Jets,” trying desperately to both memorize the lyrics and comprehend their meaning. The weird and the wonderful. Religious leaders were […]