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A Swift Kick to Free Speech

President Bush is now requesting that all 527s cease their activity, rather than specifically requesting that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth cease their ads. This request misses the mark by a wide margin; he’s now attacking a foundational principal rather than attacking specific instances of indecency. In the end, I support the concept of […]

Feeding the Beast

I’ve long considered myself a capitalist. By which I’ve meant that I support our system of economic production and distribution which is privately owned and driven by free markets. The success of capitalism seems evident. And yet, as I’ve gained more real-world experience living and making a living in a capitalist society, I’ve begun to […]

A Swift Veer Off Message

With the emergence of 527 groups, which were born out of the attempts to better regulate campaign contributions, I’m not sure we’ve really taken a step forward in making our elections more fair or voters better informed. These groups will likely become the bogeymen of political consultant’s worst nightmares. Often, a campaign’s biggest problems are […]

Check Box Voting…Contextual Voting

How should we decide where to spend our votes? My work in political consulting has given me an inside view of electoral politics. On behalf of my current client, I’ve spent the year making pitches to various special-interest groups, often with radically differing views of what they want government to do. These groups tend to […]