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The Progressive Coalition: An Invitation

Dear Berniecrats, Green Partiers, Socialist Alternatives, and other Progressives… I extend to you an invitation to build a Progressive Coalition. I get it. Your views create separation from the Democratic party. Your views are not fully captured by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Platform. You long for a more representative movement. It is not my […]

The Kshama Sawant Problem…

Is it time to remove Democratic support for Socialist Sawant? In 2013, I supported Kshama Sawant in her race for Seattle City Council. I’m not a socialist, but I was convinced that she represented enough of our shared values that among the mix of nine city council members, she’d help create space for a more […]

On Bernie, Hillary, Purity and being in Community with We The People…

I grew up with an ideologically pure belief system. For years, good/evil were pure concepts for me. Defined by this belief system, I could categorize anyone very quickly, and place them on a neatly defined spectrum. That all came crashing down, as do many notions of purity, once the reality of the world beats us […]

We The People: Persuasion, Not Revolution

The Tea Party on the Right and the Bernie Supporters on the Left frame the dysfunction of government this way: “The Establishment is ignoring us!” This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the way Democracy works. Democracy is, by definition, an averaging of political will. Push. Pull. You hope for two steps forward for every one […]

Election Model, Bell Curve Distributed Ideology

Premise: Where voter ideology is distributed along a bell cure, “Left Center” and “Right Center” candidates are more viable than “Left” or “Right” candidates, producing 1 win or 1 tie compared to 1 tie or 1 loss. Results from Matchups: Left or Right Candidates will produce: 1 tie, 1 loss Left Center or Right Center […]

Tolerating the intolerant? No.

Tolerance of intolerance violates the law of noncontradiction. It’s common to hear the intolerant attempt to paint the tolerant as hypocrites for not tolerating their intolerance. This is a cheap rhetorical trick that while it convinces nobody, can often confuse an argument. And there’s a strong logical foundation for intolerance of intolerance, especially for a […]