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An Analytical Review of Lincoln Cannon’s “The New God Argument”

During my exit from Mormonism and for a few years after, I engaged in intensive discussion and study on the questions of God, Faith, Religion and Philosophy. One of the more influential thinkers I encountered in that journey is a man named Lincoln Cannon. Mr. Cannon remains committed to the LDS Church and Mormonism, and provided a […]

Guns Don’t Kill People, Statistics Do

The primary reason given for gun ownership is protection. That is one valid potential use for a gun. But that is not the only way that a gun can be used. Here are common uses for a gun: Protection Intentional self-harm Accidental self-harm Intentional other-harm Accidental other-harm On this list, protection is statistically the least likely. […]

An Open Letter to Conflicted Republicans…

Dear Republican Friends… I get that many of you are conflicted. I understand that you dislike the policies of the democratic party, and think that Hillary would take us down a path opposite where you think we should go. I’m being honest; I can sense the gut wrench of your decision, and don’t envy it. […]

A Word Problem for Alt-Left Voters

Billy, an Alt-Left voter, is trying to decide who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential Election. Candidate Green and Billy share the same opinion 100% of the time. Candidate Blue and Billy share the same opinion 75% of the time. Candidate Orange and Billy share the same opinion 0% of the time.

Judging Hillary: They Who Are Without Sin…

I became angry at a fellow Democrat this weekend… She’s a solid Hillary Clinton supporter, never a doubt that she was going to vote for her. But over drinks, she said what we all hear over and over again about HRC: “She’s a liar, she’s power-hungry, she’s…” You know the list.   Dear Everybody…Here are some […]

Proposal for a Fair & Dynamic Market-based Economy

The following is consistent with the principles of capitalism. The economy must match the values of the community in which it resides. Those community values are defined in the Constitution both of the Federal Government and the State Government. The economy must also benefit the community as a whole; the existence of a stable market requires the […]

Holding Nose? Nonsense…

There’s a common narrative this election cycle that most voters are simply holding their nose and choosing the lesser evil. For example, Chris Cillizza tweeted this today: This election is about voters choosing the least worst candidate. That's where we are in our politics. — Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) September 4, 2016 The problem with this narrative […]

When Hillary Clinton Wins…

When Hillary Clinton wins this election, she will have beaten… Sexism Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Gary Johnson Jill Stein A Disappointing Loss in 2008 The so-called Email scandal The so-called Clinton Foundation Scandal The so-called Benghazi Scandal The so-called Foggy Bottom scandal The so-called Sydney Blumenthal scandal The so-called paid speeches scandal The so-called Travelgate […]

Wikileaks is not Journalism

Wikileaks has been dubbed “Journalism” in an attempt to secure a measure of legitimacy for what they do. Recently, I heard the analogy that Wikileaks is like Deep Throat and Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame. Wikileaks are not Deep Throat or Woodward and Bernstein. Wikileaks are the burglars who broke into the Democratic National […]