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Bio: Timothy

With extensive experience as a political consultant and intensive research into practical political philosophy, Timothy has developed a unique perspective on how we govern our communities.

He was raised in Seattle, Washington. His childhood was largely colored by his inculcation into the religion of his youth, Mormonism. His genealogical roots trace back to contemporaries of Joseph Smith, and his ancestors were westward pioneers with Brigham Young. After full commitment to the Church in his youth, including serving a two-year mission to Puerto Rico, graduating from Brigham Young University and a temple marriage, Timothy left the LDS Church in 1992.

To understand the world apart from Mormonism, Timothy began a self-directed study of philosophy. This decade-long effort led to redirecting his energy away from the mormon goal of building zion and toward building a more perfect union.


Timothy is a Commissioner on the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission, with a focus to increase efforts on evidence-based criminal justice practices.

He has two sons who motivate his desire to build a more perfect union.


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